Read what our loyal fans and subscribers have to say about the Artist’s Chronicle celebrating 21 years.

“The Artist’s Chronicle is an excellent source of information for the Western Australian art community also because it includes book reviews, bulletins, and a list of art suppliers in addition to the featured articles and what is on view in the galleries around town. I like that fact that, even if it is basically one very energetic person’s venture and gig (Lyn Di Ciero), the feeling is that her articles truly represent the pulse of the art community and nicely identify and discuss the most significant events and personalities of the moment. I do hope the Artist’s Chronicle will celebrate many more years after its 21st anniversary!”

Stefano Carboni Director, Art Gallery of WA

“What I do find most rewarding in your estimable journal, is it’s accessibility. By this I mean the quality of the reproductions, the use of black type on pristine white paper, and the layout. Many designers and typographers in the production of magazines and catalogues on art, are inclined to try to be ‘arty’ with tone dropouts, halftone shading and printed in trendy white text on a pale grey background. In their efforts to be trendy, they seem to strive to make text unreadable. Not so the Chronicle. Congratulations dear Lyn.”

Brian McKay, artist

“Informative, resourceful, educational, revealing, inspirational, enlightening, passionate, insightful, and supportive, these are the qualities that communicate the essence of the Artist’s Chronicle. This creates in many ways a portrait of the editor Lyn Di Ciero, I thank Lyn from all art lovers for this window into our art.”

Gary Aitken, artist/curator/educator

“In its twenty-first year of publication the Artist’s Chronicle continues to maintain its high standard of reporting on current art events with supportive reviews. Practising artists have a ready venue for information on forthcoming exhibitions and very importantly the proposed art competitions held around the State. An extra on-going delight is the inclusion of John Gerrish’s cartoons illustrating a somewhat dry wit. It is to the credit of the editor/publisher, Lyn Di Ciero, the magazine has endured the often very bumpy path of art in WA. It is always interesting and pertinent, never ridiculing or destroying an artist’s output. In this way the journal has always maintained its integrity.”

Carl Altmann MA

“A big congratulations to the Artist’s Chronicle for providing Perth and WA with an indispensable source of information on art, art exhibitions and artists for twenty-one years! Featured articles and extensive information about the art scene in Perth and WA have not only been an invaluable resource for those of us in the art world, but also a means to promote what is and has been important in our cultural calendars. Lyn Di Ciero has virtually operated as a one-person band, producing the magazine with intelligence and enthusiasm which is reflected on its pages. I am looking forward to the Artist’s Chronicle continuing this important role in our community for years to come.”

Alan R. Dodge AM CitWA Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres Art Adviser

“The Artist’s Chronicle is a rare animal in its ability to remain relevant in an age where many art publications are falling by the wayside. The credit can only go to the passion of its founder, Lyn Di Ciero, who gives an exorbitant amount of time to the local arts community and provides in my opinion one of the most essential services, namely, a critical forum for local art. WA has an amazing creative life, very separate from the rest of the country, and demands a publication which showcases, supports, informs and provides a context for developing practicing artists and galleries. I congratulate Lyn and her team on an amazing achievement, and for helping people understand what makes our local art industry so special.”

Robert Buratti, Director, Buratti Fine Art

“ARTrinsic Inc would like to congratulate Lyn Di Ciero and the Artist’s Chronicle for their 21 years of tireless dedication to the Arts in Western. May there be many more fabulous years of reading.”

Tina Wilson, Executive Director, Black Swan Prize for Portraiture

“Make no mistake. Lyn Di Ciero has made a vital contribution to the visual arts of Western Australia. Fads, funding, politics and posturing have certainly added a dash of creative adrenalin throughout the decades. But it takes a milestone like the 21st Anniversary of the Artist’s Chronicle to reflect on the significance of Lyn and the magazine. The Artist’s Chronicle has remained constant — a faithful record of what was important, successful, and what did and didn’t survive the test of time.”

“The Artist’s Chronicle has been a loyal servant to a broad brush of creative needs and demands. Congratulations Lyn, for succeeding against the odds through sheer grit, determination and desire. It’s a mighty achievement to have sustained and continued, for a duration that must surely be rare. So many of us are genuinely grateful.”

Paula Silbert, Presenter, My City on MIX94.5 supported by Lotterywest and Arts Consultant

“It is amazing to think Lyn Di Ciero and her husband John Gerrish have been dedicated to the cause of art, in this state, for more than twenty years. Lyn is not only writing about it, they are talking about it, promoting it, and living it. Well done to both of you for your invaluable contribution, not only professionally but personally.”

Sharon Dawes, artist and former assistant to Lyn Di Ciero

“I first met Lyn in 2003 when she judged the York Society Art and Craft awards, awarding me the sculpture prize. A few months later I invited her to my exhibition at my home where she purchased one of my sculptures. When I told her I knew very few artists, she took me under her wing and introduced me to the art community. She also has periodic Artist Lunches where she expands our social networks by introducing artists to each other, and has employed me and guided me and believed in me. She provides an important service to the art community through her networking and patronage. She is also a wealth of information and wisdom about how art works in our community and I think of her as a bit of a unique lynch pin. Thanks for everything Lyn.”

Robyn Varpins, artist

“What makes the Artist’s Chronicle so popular? The articles are current, well written and in a style of positive observations rather than negative critical comment, sadly so much a part of today’s journalism. The Chronicle’s creative lunches have afforded me an opportunity to meet other practitioners from many disciplines. We artists are a solitary lot - and to be brought together for good conversation over a hearty meal is greatly appreciated. 21 years is definitely a milestone. Congratulations to the Artist’s Chronicle for coming of age!”

Ian de Souza, artist

“I drop everything to read the Artist’s Chronicle as soon as it arrives at my house...and must admit the first page I check out is ‘gerri’s view’. I love the straightforwardness and integrity of the Artist’s Chronicle. It is my window into what is current in Perth, Western Australia and the world. Through Lyn Di Ciero and John Gerrish as friends I have been introduced to many artists who, in turn, have become friends. When I lived in Sydney I really was a solo act. But here in Perth, thanks very much to Lyn and John, I am part of a vibrant art community. Thank you for your generosity.”

Julie Podstolski, artist

“Congratulations Lyn. I know a little of the printing game with it’s frustrating and exacting demands, so 21 years is certainly a marathon. Well done.”

Brian Simmonds, artist

“Fifteen years ago I bought my first copy of the Artist’s Chronicle on arrival in Perth from overseas. Thanks so much for introducing me into the art world so directly. The magazine got me entering my first exhibition and selling my first painting here for a nice high price. Thanks for an encouraging start to a good career.”

Caroline Marinovich, artist

“Congratulations to the Artist’s Chronicle on its 21st Birthday. The magazine has been a supporter of the Printmakers Association of WA ( over the years, for which our members give thanks. The Chronicle is the brainchild of Lyn Di Ciero, who has done a magnificent job with this publication. Lyn is not only an excellent editor and journalist, but she also has great skill as a curator. In the Help the Homeless Soroptimist’s International Auction last year, organised by Lyn, the great bulk of the paintings, drawings and prints were sold. This is a considerable achievement in these gloomy economic times compared with other exhibitions. Best wishes for the future.”

Chris Pullin, President Printmakers Association of Western Australia Inc

“The Artist’s Chronicle is an essential element of communication and publicity in WA, as it pulls together a multitude of threads in support of the state’s vibrant arts scene and community. Informative and accessible. Lyn does an amazing job as editor and publisher. Congratulations!”

Camilla Loveridge Curator Mandorla Art Award 2012

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