Makers: The Artists, their work, their lives
Episode 1

Features artists with works in the St John of God Murdoch Hospital Art Collection. In this Episode: From his cluttered studio at the University of Western Australia, to the unusual home he built in the Perth Hills, Hans Arkeveld talks about his work in the collection, emigrating from Holland as a child, and his father being forced to work for the Gestapo.

Created by the Artist’s Chronicle for St John of God Murdoch Hospital.


This edition, we feature a survey of the work of NSW artists Joyce Hinterding and David Haines, on show at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts. Radio waves, solar winds and aroma molecules are the medium of choice for the two, who encourage visitors to the exhibition to reimagine the world around us as buzzing with invisible energy. Using unlikely antennas such as graphite drawings, viewers can listen to this invisible energy and add their own by touching the drawings. Both solo and collaborative works in Energies: Haines & Hinterding reveal a passion for science in the two artists’ aesthetically-driven work.

We visited Paul Caporn’s studio in Bassendean for a peek at his work Roundabout, due to be installed at John Curtin Gallery at the end of September. Based on an old-fashioned fairground carousel, the highly-decorative work will tilt and seem to break apart.

Jo Pickup presents Part 2 of her investigation into temporary public art projects in WA. She interviews Margaret Moore, former Visual Arts Program Manager for the Perth International Arts Festival, for an insight on the contribution of festivals to the temporary public art landscape.

Lastly, we present a feast of book ideas as Christmas looms, but a few months away. Muse: A Journey though an Art Collection, written by collector Janet Holmes à Court, is a unique, personal tour of part of her vast art collection, now numbering 5000-plus.

Seeing Saltwater Country by Sally Mayman and Dale Kentwell highlights the beauty and people of the Dampier Peninsula. The book is very much a protest to keep Country and traditions safe.

Laetitia Wilson reviews A Forger’s Tale, the true story of one man’s art fakery, written behind bars.

Lyn DiCiero

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Art to to hit hospital’s small screens

The Artist’s Chronicle is pleased to announce a partnership with St John of God Murdoch Hospital bringing art directly to patients’ rooms though the first television channel for patients within a hospital in Western Australia.

A cornerstone of the project is Makers: the artists, their work, their lives, a series of 30 minute programs created by the Artist’s Chronicle bringing to life artworks within the SJGMH art collection. The score for the series has been created by Audio Chemistry in Melbourne.

The project has been approved by the Documentary Australia Foundation, and builds on scientific studies around the world finding art heals by changing a person’s physiology from stress to deep relaxation, changing brain wave patterns, affecting the nervous system, hormonal balance and brain neurotransmitters.

The Artist’s Chronicle has worked closely with SJGMH Arts Manager Connie Petrillo to bring the project to fruition. By conducting research into the effects of the Makers series on patients we hope to put forward strong evidence for changes in the manner patients currently receive visual care to key organisations such as the Australia Council on Healthcare Standards.

Artists such as Hans Arkeveld, Tony Jones, Janis Nedela, Jillian Green and photographer Frances Andrijich will feature in the series.

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