The Artist’s Chronicle is pleased to present the short film Modern Dreaming, featuring the exhibition Dream Mine Time, on show at FORM Gallery in Perth until 28 July.

Independent curator Kate Mullen brings together 14 leading contemporary Aboriginal artists from around Western Australia whose works attest to the reality of a living and modern Dreaming. Mullen spent over three years in remote Western Australia and the Northern Territory exploring her long term interest in Aboriginal stories and Dreaming. The exhibition includes sculpture, drawings, paintings, and an iron ore sand animation.

Participating artist Curtis Taylor is not sure what his grandfather did wrong to be exiled from his Martu community, and doesn't know his name because his family won't speak his name. The only access he has to his grandfather is through the songs he composed. For this exhibition Taylor created tongues carved from wood collected from his grandfather's Country, inscribed with the words of these songs, written for the first time. "The songs came out from his tongue, from his dreams to his tongue," says Taylor.

Modern Dreaming is produced by the Artist’s Chronicle.

The Artist's Chronicle is pleased to present the documentary Makers: The Artists, their work, their lives Episode 3: Tony Jones.

This episode features Tony Jones in his studio, at home, and pursuing his love of sailing. A teacher of art for over five decades, Jones has influenced hundreds of students. We explore how public art became a major part of his practice, from the much loved and anonymously adorned Eliza on the Swan River to his depiction of CY O'Connor at CY O'Connor Beach.

In 2008, Jones was named Western Australia's Citizen of the Year, and in 2009 he received the Order of Australia medal for services to the visual arts as a sculptor and educator.

Features artists Stuart Elliot, Angela McHarrie and Pam Jones, as well as philanthropist, arts patron and art collector Janet Holmes à Court.

Commissioned by St John of God Health Care and produced by the Artist's Chronicle, the series features artists within the SJGHC art collection, and now screens on its arts channel at St John of God Murdoch Hospital.

The Artist’s Chronicle is pleased to present the documentary Makers: The Artists, their work, their lives, Episode 2: Frances Andrijich.

This episode follows Andrijich during a photo shoot with ballet dancer extraordinaire Briana Shepherd. We explore her place of work, home and background, and learn why author and broadcaster Susan Maushart says she and her family are all terrified of Andrijich because she’ll do anything to get the best shot!

Frances Andrijich is one of Australia's finest photographers. Her extraordinary images have earned her a growing national and international reputation. She has produced over a dozen books and won numerous awards for photography. Her subjects have included the Dali Lama, Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger, Kerry Stokes, Shaun Tan, Janet Holmes à Court, and of course, the Australian landscape.

Features dancer Briana Shepherd and interviews with documentary filmmaker Michael Muntz; author and broadcaster Susan Maushart; Ted Snell, Director, Cultural Precinct, University of WA, and Jane Fraser, CEO Fremantle Press.

Commissioned by St John of God Health Care and produced by the Artist’s Chronicle, the series features artists within the SJGHC art collection, and now screens on the arts channel at St John of God Murdoch Hospital.


Lisa Reihana: Emissaries

Direct from the Venice Biennale, and on show at John Curtin Gallery in Perth, Western Australia, Lisa Reihana: Emissaries reimagines, in an act of cultural reclamation, Captain Cook’s encounters with the First Nations people of the Pacific. This interview features the centrepiece of the show, the epic video, in Pursuit of Venus (infected), 2015-17, where Reihana incorporates performers into a static artwork. The work was inspired by the 20-panel French Neoclassical wallpaper Les Sauvages de la Mer Pacifique, created in 1804-05, which depicts Pacific Islanders as European in appearance, inspiring Reihana to include "real people with real Pacific bodies" in the work.

The exhibition includes antique telescopes, plus 18th and 19th century works on paper from the Kerry Stokes Collection, and the specimen cabinets of Joseph Banks.

Lisa Reihana: Emissaries is on show at John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University, Western Australia until 29 April, 2018.

Produced by the Artist's Chronicle.


Special Feature

Self-Portrait #6 by William Yang

The Power of Words and Image - William Yang

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Luda Korczynskyj

Ten years in development, the concept of Luda Korczynskyj's exhibition at Gallows Gallery began when her daughter was suffering from anorexia nervosa. Along the way, the show morphed into an exhibition exploring how women can be challenged through difficult times and come out stronger - physically, mentally and socially. Produced by the Artist's Chronicle Jan 2018.


This edition we feature philanthropist extraordinaire Janet Holmes à Court after recently being awarded Western Australian of the Year for Arts and Culture. For over 50 years

Holmes à Court has championed a host of art forms, from music and architecture to children’s television and the visual arts. Along this journey of devotion to the arts, Holmes à Court has amassed a 5000-strong art collection, which includes works by Australian luminaries such as Russel Drysdale, Fred Williams, Lloyd Rees, Brett Whiteley, Howard Taylor and Brian McKay. Now housed in a secure facility in a former West Perth factory, the Collection shares the building with offices and a cavernous gallery/performance space. Unlikely to be climate controlled in the near future, the gallery/performance space will be utilised when weather permits. 

In a series examining the viability and permanency of art spaces in Perth, Jo Pickup reflects on the journey and legacy of the now-closed artist run initiative Moana, previously located on the first floor of Moana Chambers in Hay Street, Perth, and its imminent reincarnation as Cool Change Contemporary in Perth’s Bon Marche Arcade. 

Laetitia Wilson visited The Gallery at Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre to explore the exhibition, Narrative Threads: Exploring  History, Place and Identity. With a hint of the Wunderkammer (cabinet of curiosities), five contemporary artists have re-purposed objects and textiles to create rich, new narratives. 

Iva Glisic reviews Phillip Hook’s Rogues’ Gallery: A History of Art and its Dealers, a fascinating examination of how art dealing evolved over centuries. While some are derided as ruthless, the book reveals art dealers have nonetheless profoundly influenced the course of art history.

Lyn Di Ciero

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Art to to hit hospital’s small screens

The Artist’s Chronicle is pleased to announce a partnership with St John of God Murdoch Hospital bringing art directly to patients’ rooms though the first television channel for patients within a hospital in Western Australia.

A cornerstone of the project is Makers: the artists, their work, their lives, a series of 30 minute programs created by the Artist’s Chronicle bringing to life artworks within the SJGMH art collection. The score for the series has been created by Audio Chemistry in Melbourne.

The project has been approved by the Documentary Australia Foundation, and builds on scientific studies around the world finding art heals by changing a person’s physiology from stress to deep relaxation, changing brain wave patterns, affecting the nervous system, hormonal balance and brain neurotransmitters.

The Artist’s Chronicle has worked closely with SJGMH Arts Manager Connie Petrillo to bring the project to fruition. By conducting research into the effects of the Makers series on patients we hope to put forward strong evidence for changes in the manner patients currently receive visual care to key organisations such as the Australia Council on Healthcare Standards.

Artists such as Hans Arkeveld, Tony Jones, Janis Nedela, Jillian Green and photographer Frances Andrijich will feature in the series.

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